Nicastro's Cape Ann Driving School Gloucester, Danvers, MA
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Thank you Nicastro's Driving School with your flexibility with make up classes and scheduling of on the road driving lessons. With my hectic sport life, work and studying you made scheduling driving lessons so easy. Thank you for everything. Ben - Danvers, MA

Nicastro's thank you so much for your in depth training and broad rage of lesson times for my daughter. I wish all businesses were as accommodating as Nicastro's. There's a lot to be said for family owned and operated business. I'll never forget when John John told me his son will be the 4th generation of Nicastro's keeping their motto of, "Driving Towards Excellence" alive. Take Care Nicastro's. Mary Ellen (Parent) - Danvers, MA

Thank you so much guys! I don't know why anyone would ever consider any other driving school. Nicastro's awesome family is well displayed in their family owned business. They are so professional, courteous and extremely well trained. Their defensive driving techniques are the best of the best. Thank You again Mary - Gloucester, MA

Wow! I finally have my license! Thank you Nicastro's. So professional, friendly and dependable. The techniques you teach for driving especially parallel parking lol :), made learning to drive with you guys a cinche. WOW! Nicole - Rockport, MA

I have my license, thank you Nicastro's. I promise I will drive defensively John John. He drilled defensive driving into me and the consequnces that come with aggressive driving. Thank you. Liv - Gloucester, MA

You guys have been around for over 20 years serving the Cape Ann community and it shows. Thank you soooo much for breaking down the rules of the road in the classroom. I have severe learning disabilities and you guys really made it fun and easy for me. I loved the interactive education, I learn best from the hands on approach. The fatal vission goggles are hilarious. Yahooo! Mike - Essex, MA

I can't believe I have my license. Thank you Nicastro's for the great instruction in the classroom and on the road. You guys are the best! I don't know why anyone would ever consider anyone but Nicastro's. Jenn - Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Nicastro's is the best. Wow, John John how awful was I starting out. You are truly a miracle worker with on the road instruction. I love your interactive education in the classroom. Thank You - Haleigh - Gloucester, MA

I did it! Thank You soooooooo much Nicastro's. Your instructor's are the best. You all teach the same techniques that make driving so easy to learn. Forever greatful - Erika - Rockport, MA

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Nicastro's Driving School offers driving school classes and door to door pick up for lessons in Massachusetts for the following cities: Gloucester, Beverly, Danvers, Peabody, Rockport, Manchester, Essex, Hamilton and Wenham